What Slobo’s Students Think…

“Ben Slobodien is a professional person, not just a golf professional. He has character, and he brings great passion to his craft. In 10 minutes, you’ll know that he cares deeply about making you a better player. I’ve been playing golf for 51 years, and am finally learning how to really play the game, thanks to Ben. He understands the golf swing better than anyone I’ve ever met and, most importantly, he knows how to impart that to his students.  Ben is forever on my team – don’t leave home without him!”

Jay Baumgardner III, CFA
Executive Director UBS

“Omg, Benny is the greatest! He is legend, he makes learning golf easy and fun. He’s also hilarious and very engaging. Benny, truly loves the game and pours all that love and knowledge into you. He’s the absolute best!”

Greg Duke
Western Region Senior Distributor Kangen Water

“Having always been an advocate for coaching whether it be business, personal training. or personal development it was only natural that when i decided to take up golfing I asked around people that I know if Irvine if they would recommend an instructor. I received one name multiple times…. BenSlobedian. Like any good student I listened, and since the moment I met Ben I knew he was an elite coach. His passion radiates off him, his love for the game is tremendous, but more so his love to teach is second to none. he will be my coach for life. I have him teaching my wife, and when I have kids he will not only teach them, but be their personal coach and get them into golf programs in schools, clubs, and college. No doubt in my mind that my future kids will be golf prodigies, because Ben is going to get to them early. I am a betting man, and I can say unequivocally that I am doubling down, going all in on Ben’s program, and I would have words with any person who says other wise. Have one conversation with him and you will see what I mean.”

John Douglas Romero, Jr.
Regional Director Thrivent Financial

“I have known Ben since early 2016 when after a 7 year absence from golf, I decided to return to play on a regular basis and began taking weekly private lessons from him. Ben always has a positive attitude toward golf in particular and life in general. His upbeat demeanor had a major impact on me during all our lessons.

Ben is first to point out your positive responses to his instruction techniques. He keeps instruction simple and upbeat. When I started taking lessons from Ben, I had absolutely no confidence on the course routinely scoring in the high 90s-low 100s. Today, I’m scoring in the low-to-mid 80s and I know with more routine play, I can drop into the high 70s.

I highly recommend Ben. He is a honest and caring professional golf instructor and a great young man.”

Ray Orphan
Director of Corporate Accounts, BB&T – Equipment Finance